Beef teriyaki


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All served with the freshest seasonal vegetables from Noosa farmers markets

Grass feed Flank Steak, GF soy Sauce, sesame seeds oil, honey, ginger, garlic, sake, sesame seeds, green Onion, olive oil. Served with Noosa farmers market seasonal vegetables and sweet potato or rice.



Calories 323

Fat: 8g        Saturated fat: 3g         Trans fat: 0g       Cholesterol: 79

Sodium: 350       Carbs: 24g           Fibre: 5g              Sugars: 10g

Protein: 32g



Calories 517

Fat: 14g     Saturated fat: 6g         Trans fat: 0g       Cholesterol: 138

Sodium: 420       Carbs: 35g           Fibre: 6g              Sugars: 15g

Protein: 54g



Calories 703

Fat: 18g     Saturated fat: 8g         Trans fat: 0g       Cholesterol: 178

Sodium: 515       Carbs: 56g           Fibre: 10g            Sugars: 22g

Protein: 70g

Meaning of:

DF: dairy free

GF: gluten free

V: vegan

VG: vegetarian